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To reach any of our aspirations, solve any challenges, or change a bad habit that’s holding us back, we often find ourselves stepping outside of our comfort zone.

We find ourselves wanting to change our diet, or leave a toxic relationship, even start that business we have been dreaming of for years, but, often, we find ourselves hesitating when it’s time to act. But why do we find ourselves avoiding or hesitating to make this life changing decision/change?

Well it’s called COMFORT ZONE


Your comfort zone is the area where you feel most comfortable in, the space you know you can control, the space where there’s no room for you take any chances.

It’s actually like some sort of psychological barrier that we set up, behind which you feel the most protected and in control, it’s the space where you can act without fear of judgment, failing etc…

The extent of this barrier depends on the personality and experience of each one of us. Am sure you have noticed how your shy friend might often seem to have lower confidence than your extroverted friend.

Some people feel more comfortable speaking in public, others will be less comfortable and the experience, the failures and the successes of each one us either enlarges or decreases our zone of confidence which means everyone has their own personal comfort zone.

So Why Is It Difficult For Some To Get Out Of Our Comfort Zone?

Take this example if you wish to lose weight one day, your first act would be to start depriving yourself of certain treats & food that you adore and consider them bad for your weight loss plan.

If you want to end a toxic relationship, you know that for the moment the relationship ends you will have to face the loneliness that comes along with the separation and which makes you scared.

If you want to finally take that leap and start your own venture, you have to face the possibility of failure and every other stress that comes along with starting your business.

What do these 3 things have in common? Is it the possibility that you could fail ? or Is it the possibility of ending up lonely ?

We often hide behind a mental barrier of protection that prevents us from venturing into unknown situations and our automatic response will be to always stay behind those wall, because our subconscious tells us once we leave we are taking the risk of being hurt, disappointed or even cause to feel pain.

Staying in our comfort zone is like a boat owner who never go out to the sea because there are waves. So instead he stays where he feel protected at the port with his boat, never experiencing anything new or adventurous worth telling his mates.

But if you think about it is that why a boat was designed? To stay at the port? Or was it designed to navigate and discover new places as far as the sea can take it? That’s exactly what this wall, which we are talking about, imagine the port for the boat, as your comfort zone.


Staying in your comfort zone is reassuring, but it will eventually lead to a routine that will make us unable to adapt to change or even fear any sort of adventure.

Many of us often have dreams in our heads. Among the most common dreams, we often find ourselves dreaming about traveling the world, sky diving, becoming an entrepreneur or buying a new home and we actually never dream of what we already have, our dreams actually correspond to things we would like to accomplish or have one day.

If you often hear that it is important to dream because it allows you to set goals and have a motivation to move forward, but the truth is only a few people manage to ever realize their dream. Some could argue financial aspect is a big factor to why we never achieve our goals, but the problem is often in our comfort zone.

Accepting to go out and put yourself (a little) in danger is the solution to live your dreams instead of dreaming your life! Disrupting your habits, daring to do new things where you do not feel comfortable, daring to change gives you a great sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction. This builds confidence and creativity, which is good both personally and professionally. And the more you dare, the more you will want to dare and therefore the more you will feel good!

So to conclude ?

Take that leap and go and talk to the co-worker working opposite you in the office, whom you have been friendly since day one but you have never really had the opportunity to discuss and get to know.

Instead of being afraid to speaking at a meeting, start to express yourself, ask a question and expose your ideas to your colleagues!

Stimulate your creativity by finally starting up that new project you have been trying to avoid etc ….

No matter how safe or comfortable you might feel in whatever stage in your life do not fall into temptation to just limit yourself to the things you known, get out of your comfort zone, to achieve any type of success or accomplishment in all areas of your lives is attached to your ability to face challenges and overcome obstacles

So now you know that you have the cards in your hand. So In short: dare to take risks and overcome your fears and learn to trust yourself and get started.

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