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We all know that as an entrepreneur your website/blog is an important part of your business. It represents your brand in the online – and it’s also your primary avenue to attracting new visitors and clients.

So don’t you feel like the maintenance of your website is too big of job to just let it be handled by some else who doesn’t have your passion, vision and motivation?

This is why we created this guide and tips that will help you manage your  blog or website, even if you don’t plan on building your own site from zero, the most important thing is knowing the basics of how to create a post on WP dashboard or linking images, or creating stylized text, are important to know but also the tools to manage and maintain your website.

So, let’s start with our 5 Reasons on Why You Should Manage & Maintain your Website

  1. You have to keep visitors & community interested in your content

One of the objectives of every blogger or business is to build up a solid reputation and sort of “Be the go-to site for your expertise”. This is why updating your website with new contents will get your community coming back to see what’s new.

So, our advice: Make it a habit to routinely update your website/blog with new content, text, videos and images to get your community coming back for more but also  attract new visitors.

  1. Update Your Brand, Service or Expertise

We are sure you know that your  site is the primary source of  information in today’s world this is where you write and promote your services, expertise and products. So If you have some new product or review to offer and it is not on the site, visitors/community won’t know about it.

Our Advice: The thing that frustrates almost all visitors is if  the content on your  site is outdated or no longer available, you  risk losing potential customers and frustrating your community.

  1. Maintain your SEO rankings

Google gives higher rankings to web sites that are updated regularly because they want to present the best quality content to their search engine users.

  1. Keep your website working well

When your web site is well maintained, external links continue to work, images load and emails function. This means visitors find what they are looking for quickly and easily, and are more likely to become customers.

  1. Keep up with changing technology

Web technology is constantly changing, and some of those changes can benefit your search engine placement and the overall function of your site.

This part we hear many people laugh at the idea of being hacked because they consider themselves to be small but what you need to know in today’s worlds all website are subject to the possibilities of being hacked one day, so using a proper website maintenance program, you can try to at least avoid being hacked by keeping everything up to date and secure.

Since you have decided to maintain and manage your blog/website by yourself there are few things that need to be done on a weekly/monthly or even daily basis when maintaining a website.

Don’t Neglect Your Website Updates and Content

Think about it, if you visit a website that is not updated and is dated from 2010 would you continue to visit it?

No, so you should make it a habit to update your website with regular content and that could include written text, images, free giveaways etc…

Anything that is going to draw new visitors and keep your community coming back for more.

Backing Up Your Website Very Important

Backing up your website is something you should do all the time, especially if you are new to maintaining and updating your website yourself, it only takes one plugin, setting to lock you out of your own dashboard.

Just like in life “things happen”. If your server crashes for some reason or your site gets hacked, your edits will be forever gone if the web hosting company you are using restores what they had backed up of your website it could be a backup of last month so you end up losing your all your current updates, Imagine losing a whole day’s work, just because you didn’t take a few minutes to backup the site.

Monitor Website Outages

If your site goes down, you want to be the first to know instead of receiving an email from someone else informing you that they cannot access your site.

We use Link Checker looks for issues in links, anchors and referenced objects in a Web page, CSS style sheet, or recursively on a whole Web site. Links become broken over time. With changes within the site and if you referenced someone in one of your articles or somewhere else within the site links could have changed or are broken. The task to find broken links isn’t too hard. Just use a link checker to test your external links and internal links at least once a month.

Test Website Speed

Testing the download speed of your site regularly is important. Especially if you have added a new feature. Web surfer have a very short attention span. If your site is slow to load, they are not going to wait.

We Use Pingdom they offer cost-effective and reliable uptime and performance monitoring for your websites. you can monitor your website’s uptime, performance, and interactions for a better end-user-experience

Software & Plugins Updates

Third party software, like your ecommerce software, WordPress and Joomla for example, are always updating their software. You need to keep on top these updates and install them as soon as they come out. The updates won’t just be new features, they will include security updates too.

So How we can help

The point of this article is not to convince you to update your website just for the sake of it. While maintain and updating your website is an important and demanding process, which requires some time and effort – think about the reason you got a website in the first place. It exists to promote your work, help customers get to know you as a brand and creative personality, as well as get them excited to work with you so it’s important that you can contribute, understand then update and maintain your own website/blog, and if it turns out to be too much work at least you know how to effectively communicate to your developer !

At She Leads Digital we are launching our 1-week evening WordPress Workshop and we put much thought and expertise into each of our curriculum to help you create beautiful and use powerful tools to help you build your website.

We will be going over themes installation, how to add custom website designs, the 100 of plugins that can help you, we will also help you setups your SEO!

And after we are done we don’t stop there we are here to help and guide you through the process and challenges you might face along the way.

So, signup to our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated on the date of the first bootcamp.


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