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When you decided that you would like to start your business or blog the first question that comes to mind is what are you going to a name your business, so obviously, you have to start brainstorming and the name you chose will also become your websites domain name.

So the question comes how to choose your domain name? and what exactly is a domain name? and where do you buy them?

The first thing you need to realize is that your domain name plays an important role in the natural referencing or leading visitors to your website, your domain name, plays a crucial part of building your business brand. so it’s important to avoid names that resemble that of another popular company.

So what questions to ask your self when buying your domain name

  1. Is your domain name easy to say and type?
    you have to remember If your domain name is difficult to say or spell, your customers or community members will not be able to type it directly on their search engines. And also if It is too long . With the use of smartphones, it is even more embarrassing to type your users will get irritated with that
  2. Is your domain name memorable?
    We all know is the beginning we all started running a business the power of Word Of Mouth is the best marketing particles and even though the business world has evolved in getting new customers digitally with the birth of digital marketing, it still remains the best way to get clients, so If you want your business brand to be quickly remembered by your customers, make sure your domain name is easy to remember and tell.

So which extension (s) to choose for your domain name?

There is unlimited number of domain names extensions to choose from .be
fr, .com .net, .org, .biz or .eu.,
etc. so am sure you are asking yourself what impact will all these different domain names have on your business

You have chosen your domain name now it’s time to buy it

You have different places where you can buy your domain name such as One.com, Go Daddy OVH etc….who are all an accredited registrar (so they have the authorization to sell and buy a domain name) so you can buy your domain name with confidence.

And also with One.com,
Go Daddy OVH all your domain reservation of the domain name and its purchase are done in a few clicks with a credit card or Paypal account. and you just have to renew your payment on an annual bill.

So you found your domain name? here is our last advice

Before buying your domain name remember this is a domain name is like a street address on the internet. Just like in the real world street-sides store

So having a name that indicates clearly to your customers and to Google who you are and what you do,

So please don’t choose your domain name in a hurry. Please take your time and include your friends, colleagues, and family and discuss it before making the purchase because once bought you can’t get a refund.

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