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There are lots of ways you can get involved

what really matters to us is passion, enthusiasm and shared values

Nicol , Volunteer

WE believe everybody should have the chance to participate

Ducon, Student

Will you volunteer?

She Leads Digital, Instructor

Volunteer. For Us.

How you can help us?

Offer Your Skills

Offer your skills in a more meaningful way by effectively and efficiently aligning your skills, expertise and interests

Work at events & conference

Our volunteers play a big part in creating a good atmosphere and helping the event/conference goers to get the most out of their events.

Help Us Fundraise

Taking part in a sponsored challenge is a great way of raising funds to help our cause while challenging yourself

How do you get started?

Our volunteer program is designed and accessible to any devoted
community member who wants to help us achieve our vision

Meet Some Of Our Volunteers

Volunteer Blog

Apply Today

Below is a list of our current volunteer opportunities for experienced professionals of any age

Volunteer Coordinator

Program/Events Volunteer

Administration Volunteer

Grant/Finance Volunteer