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When it comes to running a business, it can be a very arduous task, requiring a lot of effort, time and skill to get things right. One vital component of a successful business is having a well-constructed website.

When it comes to creating a website, there are so many things for one to consider. The world of professional site design has its many intricacies, which can make it difficult for newcomers to know where to start. Knowing what you want, and what techniques to deploy becomes increasingly crucial.

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, when constructing your website, is deciding on which platform you want to create it on. There are many different platforms to choose from, despite what you may believe. And will you need the aid of programmers, to code everything for you?

That said, for this article, I will be discussing WordPress, and why you should use it for your business site. After all, there are millions of websites on the internet right now, using that very platform, which is why you should consider using it too.

1. WordPress is Easy to Use

This is probably one of the biggest reasons. WordPress is very easy to use. It has its learning curve, like most things, but eventually, even those with limited computer knowledge are able to get the hang of it.

WordPress comes with a user interface that is very intuitive, making it easy to create posts, and add images, and multimedia to it. Additionally, you have the plugins which enhance the functionality of the website.

The overall simplicity of WordPress is what makes formatting and managing websites made with them, less time-consuming. Which in turn, gives you additional time to spend working on the actual business.

With the massive library of plugins that are available for WordPress sites, you can turn your website into pretty much anything. From a directory listing site to an article directory site. Or perhaps you’d like an eCommerce site or a photo gallery, all of which can be done using WordPress. 

2. WordPress Is FREE

WordPress can be used free of charge. At zero cost to yourself. You can have a professionally designed website up and running, via WordPress at no additional cost. When you consider services, features and functions of WordPress it’s a no-brainer. WordPress is also open source, which means, not only do you not have to worry about ads, but owners have the freedom to create plugins and themes for it. Which they can host on the WordPress official website.

3. You Can Schedule Posts

WordPress was set up to be as convenient as possible for the webmaster. If you want to write a post, and publish it, as soon as possible, that’s an option available to you. However, if you want your post to go live at a specific time, then you can schedule the post to publish at your convenience. This one feature can allow you to set your site on autopilot, even if just for a limited time so that you can spend some time away from your website.

4. Plugins Enhance Your Website

With WordPress, you have access to thousands of plugins, which you can use to enhance the functionality of your website. These plugins are designed to add additional features to your site, whether you want a shopping cart page or an interactive forum, or you just want to post pictures in a gallery. There’s a plugin you should be able to find, to do that.

One of the very best things about plugins is that writing code is no longer a necessity. Simply search the WordPress plugin directory, for a plugin that’s capable of doing whatever it is, you’d like to add to your site, then download and install.

5. WordPress Is Mobile-Friendly

The transition from desktop to mobile, happened rapidly and suddenly, much too many people’s surprise. In just the years 2016 to 2018, we witnessed a 57% increase in mobile users. Which is the very reason why you want your site to be mobile-ready? Statistics show that business websites are to acquire, at least 60% of their future clients from web visitors on smartphones, instead of your typical desktop or laptop computer.

Fortunately, WordPress is already hip to this, which is why this website platform is mobile-ready, right out of the box.

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