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The growth of your business is directly dependent on your ability to create quality content to offer your users. But if you are like us starting out and don’t extra cash flow to hire and pay for a full-time content creator or even part-time, well you are in luck because there are different tech tools that can help you produce the best content for a minimum budget.

1- Create illustrations

Illustrations are becoming the thing to do and they do have benefits for your business if you create illustration image accompanying a quote, company’s mission statement in one single image makes it more powerful and attractive to your users.

Best place to create, VectorTemplates, Gravit Designer, Pixlr

2 – Create Infographic

Creating infographic for your business is a great way for you to visually presenting a different set of statics around a specific subject. Actually, Infographics are highly liked by users and are easy to share on social media.

Best place to create Infographic:,,  Canva, Venngage

3- Create Video

Videos are becoming increasingly important within social networks they actually provide a higher engagement. although it’s less simple to create a video than a blog or graphic post. Creating a quality video requires a minimum of software investment.

Best place to create videos: Magisto, Animoto, Adobe Spark,

4 – Write or Create a BLOG

Creating blog posts for your business website or blog is the essential part of connecting with your costumers or users. Your blog posts directly allow you to improve your positioning within SEO(search engines optimization) world by optimization of the natural referencing of your website.

Best places to start your blog: Medium,  Ghost, or com, LinkedIn

5 – Create a Podcast

Creating a podcast allows you to directly connect with your audience and add interactivity to your communication and the great thing is that you don’t even need to be a tech-savvy person or require you to invest a lot of money to launch your podcast.,

Best place to launch your podcast: Anchor, Soundcloud, Podbean,

We hope that this #tipsandtech edition was helpful and that you understood the different ways this digital tools we have listed can help you optimize your business or blog.

If you have any questions or think of great content we should be creating as entrepreneurs or any comments about this edition, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our social media platforms.

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