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There are tendencies in women to be more judgmental towards each other and unfortunately for all us, it can be about anything. What you do, what you want, what you eat, what you wear, where you go, what you like, the list goes on. Having this pressure affects us in every aspect of our personal lives and our work lives, creating insecurities in ourselves that we never had before. As we all become more easily accessible to everyone, we also become more vulnerable to the judgement of others. How do we get past this? Well, there are ways, but we have to look inside ourselves and be honest with ourselves. Are we the ones who are judgmental or are we the ones being judged?

I’ve always found Judgment to be a very interesting concept in women’s personalities because judgment doesn’t come from anywhere else then the persons own insecurities. Yet when we are being judged, it feels like it’s all based on what we are doing. So, to help us get through this odd and addictive emotion many of us seem to possess and also hate, there are ways to get out of judgemental behaviour and how to deal with it judgemental behaviour.

If You Find Yourself Being Judgmental

In the famous words of Ice Cube, “check yourself before you wreck yourself.” Being judgmental is very self-deprecating and harmful to your own mental health. Not to mention the fact that you’re making others feel insecure about themselves. Pulling yourself out of the judgmental cycle takes a lot of self-reflection and self-control, but it’s able to be done. When I was a very judgmental person and I was working on changing myself, I started realizing how out of control my thoughts were. But instead of letting them happen and being okay with it, I would become conscious to them, correct myself and say something nice about the person instead. For instance instead of thinking “wow, I can’t believe she‘s wearing that outfit” I’d change it to “it’s great to see her have the confidence to be herself and wear what she wants.” This allowed me to force out the negative voice and thoughts and re-teach myself to think nice things of others instead. This, in turn, started to change in all aspects of my life and I became a much more positive and supportive person.

If You Find Yourself Being Judged

Being judged is so hard. It’s hard to second guess yourself or not be sure if what you are doing is okay because of other people opinions. Quite frankly, it’s not fair that we are made to feel this way. Changing your thoughts from being judgemental to nice is one thing, but trying not to care what other people think is a whole other ball game, but you can do it. Here are two things I did. Firstly, I always said to myself, “it’s their own insecurities. “I’m making them feel insecure, and they want to pull me down”, then I would smile nicely and act like nothing was wrong. After a while, I didn’t have to act anymore. The second thing I did was just OWN IT! Rock the outfit, make the big business decision, say weird things, ugly laugh until you cry, be emotional and have fun. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone around you, there is nothing wrong with what you are doing and once people see you doing it enough times without a care, they get used to it and stop questioning it.

It’s time that we start lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down because we can only get farther and succeed in all aspects of life when we support each other. Judgment is an emotion that affects us negatively whether we are giving it or receiving it. Removing judgment completely from your life is the ultimate goal as it will not only benefit you but benefit all the people around you.

Unteach yourself negative ways and create positive outlooks instead. Overall, it will give you a better perspective on life.

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