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An important part of either running a blog or your website is you need to be able to create graphic visual for either your articles or social media posts, and we all know that our users are more likely to be attracted to a post that has beautiful images, beautiful fonts, and colors.

But if you are like us have zero graphic or visual skills and often we tend to go directly to paying someone to do them for us even when our budget doesn’t have room for anything else, but do we really need to pay a graphic designer or pay and learn to use graphics tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator? and to clarify we truly believe that hiring a graphic designer for complex and professional work but if you need simple visually compelling then you actually you don’t have to go pay for one.

The great thing about entrepreneurship is that it’s all about solving problems that people face on day to day basis so thanks people like Dmitry Sergeev and Melanie Perkins they realized the problem and they created amazing graphic design tools that would help even a non-designer to create their visuals. Sounds too good to be true right? There is more, you actually don’t even have to be tech savvy just have a few basic knowledge of how to work a computer to use these online graphic design programs to create your own visuals.

So for our Tips & Tricks Wednesday edition we decided to put together this list of free and easy to use graphic design tools that would help anyone designer or not create beautiful and visually compelling designs in 5 minutes and finally starting Leading Digital to grow your business.


Is the most popular graphic design tool for beginners and non-designers. Canva provides an easy to use interface for its users to choose from a variety of design visuals, fonts, graphics and document templates. The users can create an eye-catching infographic for their clients with simple drag and drop user interface. The Canva helps its user to create and save a web-ready version of a design product. It is a platform that offers a variety of icons and adders. The Canva graphic design tool is available to use for free in order to create graphic design for your work. While most of the features and design templates are available for free, users can still purchase the premium features at a price.


is a graphic design tool used to create beautiful visuals. The program offers a variety of themed collections like free templates, fonts, and formats that could be easily customized to create designs for your projects. Additionally, Crello has a vast image library to create stunning images for your digital advertising, emails, print materials, animated designs, social media posts, etc. Crello users can also customize their templates with stickers, borders, fonts, backgrounds, and icons. Most of the features  including design templates and image library in Crello are available for free.


is a simple graphic design tool that lets you create fabulous presentations, reports, flyers, posters, designs, and infographics. Piktochart has a vast template library to create visuals for your work to attract the right audience. Users can create beautiful charts, animations, and customize the fonts to create designs for projects. Piktochart offers a simple drag and drop interface to make your visual work and share the designs with your clients and colleagues. The program paves the way for effective collaboration by sharing your designs with the team and do an effective review with your peer’s creative design work. Most of the features including design templates, and image library in Piktochart are available for free; users can also purchase the premium features.

If you know of or use any other design tools that are free and that could help a beginner out don’t hesitate to let us know

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