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Blogging is the most rewarding, inspiring, sometimes frustrating and terrifying thing you could ever do. It’s also a bit of an emotional roller coaster to be honest. So, if you ever wanted to have a space to express your creativity, a place to share your thoughts, that allows you to communicate with people who share the same interests … Then blogging is definitely for you.
The great thing about starting a blog is you are free to blog about any topic you want without restriction whether it’s about cooking, your faith, cinema, literature, fitness, decoration, gardening, tech or entrepreneurship … anything is possible and the choice is yours.
Creating and maintaining your blog is also a good way to document your life events and If you are passionate enough and do things thoroughly, you will find that many people will come and read your content. And we think it’s the best of rewards. Today will share 10 tips to help you take the plunge.

Create a blog: 10 tips

The First Thing To Know Is Anyone Can Create A Blog?
Absolutely Anyone. Blogging is an activity that does not require any tech expertise to start and there’s even a way you can earn some income with it. So, whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a student, an entrepreneur or retiree… You can create a blog today if you wanted too.
1. Find What You Are Passionate About & Write About That
The first step when deciding to create a blog is to choose one or (but not advice) a couple of topics. Even if you decide to start a lifestyle blog, defining the topics you are going to write about in advance is very important.
Just because you chose a specific category doesn’t mean that you have to scatter. There is a lot of competition in the blogging world so you have to give people a good reason to come back to your site rather than go to another.
 So, how to choose a topic, even for a simple blog always have a clear idea and please try not to have more than 3/4 different categories on your blog.
A tip that we give regularly. (If you are blogging just for fun or for you don’t take this into account) To run a successful blog, your objective and mission should be to build your blog so that it become a reference point with your topic of choice.
No matter what topic you want to star tackling,there will always be one or two main categories that will inspire you more than others. And those are the categories that will define the identity of your blog.
And never forget It is always possible to write a different topics in the future, but be sure to define your specific topic in the beginning.
2. Choose The Right PLATFORM For You
When it comes to choosing a  blogging platforms, you are typically faced with several choices. But the thing you need to know is as a blogger, you are going to be spending a lot of time on your blog and that’s why we encourage you you to teach yourself about the platform you decided to use, your site adds unique value to your personality and most importantly it represents you so you definitely need to be involved in it’s creation. But if you decided you don’t need the technical hustle of creating your own but luckily there are also platform’s that allows you the more technical flexibility. For us the best platforms to start blogging on is Medium and
3. Customize The Appearance Of Your Blog
The way you design your blog really matters. Color, fonts, images, widgets, are part of the appeal to your community and most importantly, your blog responsiveness and user experience is as important you have to remember the design of your blog will be the first and lasting impression you make to your readers.
If you would like to know more don’t hesitate to come to our monthly blogging session.
4. Create Regular And  Quality CONTENT
The next important step is to create great content for your blog. To get started, what you can do is to list all your post ideas in a small notebook, and then define a strategy on how each topic is going whelp your readers.
It is important that what you write speak to others so that your blog has recurring readers. But as a beginner this should not scare you into believing that you must create content for others without worrying about yourself. 
On the contrary we noticed that if you write from the heart a life experience that helped you grow and move forward it does not matter what topic you are going to write about, someone out there is definitely going to connect to your post.
Regarding your content, you have to pick a schedule that insures you provide regular content to your reader we don’t mean you need or have to publish every day, but you need to create enough content to not only keep your readers, but also appear on the search engines. The way a search engine works, is that it explores a page to see what it’s about. <strong>Plus</strong> the more content you have, the better Google can crawl your site and associate you with certain searches.
Our Advice:
No matter what happens it is important to be you and portray your  personality on your blog.
So if you have an opinion and a way of thinking that makes you unique that’s not going to be your greatest strength but also your personal/professional brand. It’s you being unique that differentiate you from the rest and it’s why people will keep coming back to read your content. Remember this anyone can create a blog, but what’s going to differentiate your content is you and your story.
5. Be Present On Social Media, But Not ALL
Social media plays an important role for bloggers now a days Why well because they allow you not only to communicate with your reader and future readers differently but also to develop your community around your blog.
That said, you do not have to be present on all networks cause managing one or two social media accounts plus write your content is already a great deal of work so no need to make your life more complicated by adding the pressure of managing more than 3 social media accounts, the trick is to use whatever channel that fits your needs then set a strategy to use them smartly.
Having a social media strategy does not mean that you have to promote your content all day long. It’s about building relationships with people and feeding that community you’ve created. The number of subscribers is certainly interesting but it is not a good indicator of performance.
Focus on statistics, engagement, most successful posts, comments, and more. It is important to understand that social networks should help you develop your blog. But they are not there to put pressure on you either. Never hesitate to step back if necessary. Do not register on a network that you do not like. Social networks must be a place where you like to go and where you post with pleasure.
6. Set Your OBJECTIVES Clearly
Creating a blog can be a hobby, but it can also be so much more too
In life or business it’s important to set goals to evolve and push us to do and become better. So when you decided to create your blog, it’s important to set yourself goals and objectives that are achievable.Of course, there are days when you will feel unmotivated and you will not want to do anything. It is also possible that your personal life sometimes turns into an obstacle and prevents you from blogging.
These are normal things, everyone faces them.Having daily, weekly and / or monthly goals for your blog will help you stay motivated and maintain that passion. It is also the possibility of going beyond these moments of low motivation.
7. Do Not Be Afraid Of INVESTING In Your Blog
We are often afraid to invest our money in courses / training / eBook that could help us grow and evolve our business and that could really change everything. By investing in workshops or classes that might help you understand what is working and what isn’t doing so well on your blog. It also will help you to monetize it, to have good practices and strategies put in place to develop your blogging business.There are always somethings you can learn, no matter what stage you are at. If you are interested why don’t you not signup to our monthly Build Your Blog Workshop and learn step-by-step ways to achieve your blogging goals for free.
8.Learn To Become More ORGANIZED
You might think the hardest part of blogging is creating the blog but that’s actually the easiest part, the challenge actually comes when you have to  maintain and develop it which requires you invest your time and and become more organized.
So you should teach yourself to start taking notes and writing down everything related to your blog. For your content creation we advise you to do everything in advice for example rewrite your blog content for the month in advance, take pictures etc.This part we can’t really tell you what to do it’s up to you to find an organization method that suits you. You need to adapt your time on your blog to your own schedule, lifestyle and daily responsibilities.
9. Consider Adding A NEWSLETTER To Your Blog
Having a newsletter is an incredible tool that allows you to communicate directly with your community. It is also an indispensable tool when you finally decide to monetize your blog. The readers, that register to your newsletter are people who actually took the time to read your content and they appreciate and value you content and those are your best potential customers.
Don’t let the process of creating and sending a newsletter intimidate you from launching one, so don’t hesitate to use one as soon as your blog is launched and ready.
Our Advice: We use Mail Chimp which is easy to use and free up to 1000 subscribers.
10. The Most Important Part: Have Confidence In You
During our workshop we meet people who want to get started but do not dare start, Others who have written articles but do not dare publish them because they afraid of the judgment of others. First the only way to start is by doing so don’t ask yourself a thousand questions, the only way to learn write your blog is by you practicing and allowing yourself to evolve from beginner to expert.
Our Advice: When you do get started you need to know you don’t have to please everyone and you can not anyway. So do not limit yourself by letting other people’s opinion or judgment prevent you from starting and enjoying this experience if you want.
So get started!
If you want to start a blog but do not know how or where to start you can join our monthly Build Your Blog Workshop which was designed just for you.


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