Our Vision Mission - She Leads Digital

Our mission

She Leads Digital is a social enterprise that empowers women and youth to create or change the world they live in by using the power of technology.

We Educate Enable and Empower women and youth by providing them with skills, a platform and support to become effective contributing citizens.

We mostly focus on youth and women with over looked backgrounds, weather in secondary school, university, or out-of-school or career, as our mission is to reduce the gender gap in ICT.

We are here to eduacte enable and empower youth and women by providing them with access to tech/digital programs that will help them build their skills and confidence to succeed in the digital world.

The vision

She Leads Digital vision is to invest in youth and women as potential tech entrepreneurs, tech creators, tech role models, and leaders.

We envision a prosperous world in which all people have the knowledge and confidence to harness the power of the digital world to achieve an economic and personal fulfillment. And driving results through program design and delivery, strategic industry and public partnerships, research and advocacy.

Our impact

She Leads Digital has worked with youth and women’s skills and confidence as well as specifically to educte enable and educate them to create tech/digital-based ideas. She Leads Digital has empowered over 500 plus women and youth with ICT and  TECH skills in web design and development, mobile app development , online safety and robotics workshops

Technology matters

Today we are all living in a digital world. As technology advances it’s never been more important to understand how to harness the power of digital technologies to help improve our careers, education,

We believe that By utilizing the power of innovative technology and solutions we can teach women and girls the skills they need, give them role models to look up to, encourage them to follow any career path they want to and show them that tech careers can help change the world for the better. We therefore offer women the opportunity to grow and expand and this affects not only their personal well-being but also that of their families, their communities, and consequently, the future of their countries.

As you can see It’s clear that there’s still a huge digital skills gap across a broad range of industries around the world- and it needs to be closed. Those who take measures to upskill themselves and offer skills that no one else can will be the ones will reap the benefits of long-term success.

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