Meet Our Team - She Leads Digital

Our team is passionate about their cause and works to provide affiliates with the support and tools they need to be successful.

She Leads Digital is made up of true cause-champions who understand the value and effort it takes to pursue our mission and vision every day.
By working to help strengthen our efforts through education, marketing materials, and personalized support, our team facilitates a network of passionate entrepreneurs who are equipped to make a difference in their communities and have chosen to do so with She Leads Digital.

The Team

Nadia Aime - Founder & CEO

Meet Nadia Aimé, the founder of She Leads Digital and an aspiring Cyber-security Professional . She is a problem-solver by nature, her story is one of courage and tenacity through adversity and her experiences have given her a passion to reach out to those in need of a second chance. Her mission is to educate, enable and empower.

Her work focuses on improving the lives of vulnerable groups, through education and creating more interest and enthusiasm surrounding careers within entrepreneurship and STEM fields.

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