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Meet Our Founder - She Leads Digital

Nadia Aime

Meet Nadia Aime, the founder of She Leads Digital. She is a problem-solver by nature, her story is one of courage and tenacity through adversity and her experiences have given her a passion to reach out to those in need of a second chance. Her mission is to educate, enable and empower.

Her work focuses on improving the lives of vulnerable groups, through education and creating more interest and enthusiasm surrounding careers within entrepreneurship and STEM fields.

A Personal Note

From a young age, I aways I knew I wanted a career that I was passionate about, something that would allow me to make a big impact in the world and empower others, 

" Be proud of what you have done until now. “

And from there, I never looked back

Sed fruatur sane hoc solacio atque hanc insignem ignominiam, quoniam uni praeter se inusta sit, putet esse leviorem, dum modo, cuius exemplo se consolatur, eius exitum expectet, praesertim cum in Albucio nec Pisonis libidines nec audacia Gabini fuerit ac tamen hac una plaga conciderit, ignominia senatus.

Alongside running She Leads Digital, i also run Aime Digital which my old frenlancer page turned blog, i also working with different start-ups,entrepreneurs and organization from time to time and freelance and help them with their digital problems

" One step at a time. “

" Time Heals Everything “

Nadia has spoken publicly on entrepreneurship, technology, and international business strategy in different confrences and events 

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