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Do you have a role model to look up too? a mentor to guide you through your entrepreneurship journey?

People who inspire and motivate you to push through the hard times? Who’s the person that inspires you and if you ever got the chance you would like to learn from?

So, What Is A Mentor And How Do You Find One?

A mentor is someone who can give us wise advice in an area of our life and who accompanies us. He is a wise and experienced person. These are people who have succeeded in a field or who have expertise that you would like to have and who can help you. It’s learning from someone who does what you want to do, who is where you want to be.

It is a relationship of trust combining authority and friendship.I think there are so many people who inspire us, maybe your parents were the first to have a good influence on you, to have been a model? Normally they are the first people to invest their time, their love to educate us, to give us good values so that we are good adults later.

There are many ways to learn: having people who instruct us directly in a relationship and having “watch and watch” models, which means that you are not not necessarily in a relationship but when one looks at their life, their character, and one is inspired just by looking at them.

I liked the point of a book on the subject: he said that in fact most young people wanted to be accompanied but it was difficult to find someone who was willing to do it. So the youngest, the least competent, the ones who start out do not necessarily have too high a opinion of themselves, they see the road that remains to be traveled and need people who believe in them, and accompany them .

Here are some points from a list of important things to consider when we’re looking for a mentor, a coach (from Multiplying Leaders, Mentoring the Art of Coaching, Martin Sanders and Alain Stamp ) : ” Find someone :

  • who owns what I’m looking to develop in my own life,
  • who I trust
  • who enjoys a facility in interpersonal relationships,
  • who is willing to get involved with me because he believes in me,
  • who is respected by other believers,
  • who benefits from a network of resources,
  • who is consulted by others,
  • who is able to listen to me as much as to speak and advise me,
  • who lives what he preaches,
  • who will be able to pin down my problems,
  • who will be concerned with my interests.

You have to ask the right questions: What are you aspiring for? What do you need ? What do you expect from this relationship? Then you have to have the courage to ask this person! If it’s someone you know very well, it’s pretty easy (and again!)

But otherwise we can be afraid of being rejected … Pray that there are people on your road who are ready for you help, may God lead your steps and your choices

A mentor or more?

You are also a model for someone

And you ? Do you have people who influence you? A mentor, several? Are you aware that you are a model for many?

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