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Motivation is incredibly important in our day to day lives, but also something we can battle on a regular basis. This lack of motivation and drive can come from stress, feeling overwhelmed by your work, having a routine that is not satisfying, or a big one, comparing yourself to others. If you were to search online for “how to stay motivated”, you will probably find quick fix tips like listening to music, going for a walk or chugging some coffee.

However, sometimes these quick fixes are just covering up a bigger issue or problem and it’s these bigger issues that we actually have to work on. The goal here is to find the root cause of why your motivation and drive is disappearing and to take a more proactive approach.

The loss of motivation is common for all of us, so it’s worth knowing what you can do to re-gather your thoughts and put yourself back on the right path. Here are some ideas on how to get back on track:

Change Your Reality

Your present reality, the world you are sitting in right now, includes your daily life routine, relationships, etc. Sometimes certain aspects of our life can become so overwhelming that our motivation literally disappears. So, the goal here is to create your base lifestyle to allow for a more positive you. Let me explain more through my own experience…

When I started consistently losing motivation, I wondered if there was something in my routine that was creating negativity. Was I sleeping enough? Was I eating the right kind of foods? Was I doing things that would help me on a daily basis? These may seem like small questions, but more often than not, people don’t realize how much these small factors can affect us on a daily basis. I put in the effort to make sure I was sleeping normal hours, I worked on eating healthy and I even started exercising nearly every day. Taking these small steps allowed me to think more clearly and have more energy throughout the day which helped me gain a lot of my motivation back.

I also realized I needed to bring in motivating relationships to my life and, nicely, push away people who were giving me the opposite. This will be a hard step and will definitely be a long term change that you make in your life, but trust me, it’s worth it. The people we allow into our energy can really affect us emotionally. Those negative emotions roll over into our lives which will aid in the lack of motivation. Creating these boundaries for yourself in relationships will allow you to stay in a positive and motivating mindset.

Change Your Mindset

Our overall mindset is such an important part of our motivational journey. We will always come to find bumps in the road or hurdles we feel like we have to fly over to get through them. With a positive and optimistic mindset, we have a much bigger chance of getting through these obstacles more easily. If something comes up that you aren’t expecting, try stepping away and take some long deep breathes. There are many therapeutic breathing techniques you can find to help with stress and anxiety. With less stress and anxiety, we leave more room for motivation.

Look at how far you have come

Life in todays world moves so fast that it can feel as if we sometimes on autopilot. Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time during the day to accomplish everything? Well you arem’t alone,sometimes  we get so caught up with life we tend to forget just how far we have come

So please the next time that you feel like your life isn’t going anywhere or you aren’t accomplishing anything, take a moment and sit down and start listing all the things weather big or small that you have accomplished till this day. Cultivating an attitude of self refection takes time and patience but it’s definitely worth it to just see how far you have come.

Keep your social media positive

The one thing about Social media that no ones really talk about is how the social space actually breeds negativity, criticism, and comparisons, self-doubt if not used properly. In today’s day It’s so  easy to turn to social media for the quick yet unfulfilling validation it provides through all the (sometimes fake )‘likes’ and followers and it reaches a point that we tend to forget the difference between social media and real life, trust us we are not saying that Social media is not an amazing outlet which allows us to connect and create friendships, business worldwide.

And it definitely can be used as motivation and inspiration out as we do. But no this when you find yourself getting down or questioning your life, getting jealous of other peoples lives or what they portray their life to be on social media, then it’s probably time to take a moment and step back from it for a while.

Motivation will always be our biggest battle when it comes to accomplishing our goals. It’s imperative to understand just how important it is for us to set ourselves up and put ourselves in the right position to succeed. Once we have created a strong base in our day to day lives than finding our motivation won’t be such a difficult task anymore. The short-term fixes may help for now, but the long-term fixes will set you up to thrive.

Do you find your self unmotivated sometimes ? and when you do what do you do to get yourself back on track? Leave your thoughts below!

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