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 The rise of the internet and smartphone age was cheered by all, and with a single click you could have access to information, you could easily talk to a remote friends or family member via WhatsApp or Messenger, make online transactions, and am sure you would agree that being connected has made life so much easier in so many other ways.

But have you once thought about how the internet is sometimes unsafe for your children? Yes! You may say the internet holds and provides us with an enormous amount of knowledge and information in which our kids can learn from but are you aware that sometimes they get exposed to harmful and noxious content that affect them? 

Are you aware of the number of predators and identity thieves that has risen in the past 10 years or the number cyberbullying cases that have been reported or those that haven’t been reported in the past or the number of children suicided cases that have been committed ?

Kids aren’t matured and security conscious as adults are, which makes them easy targets and gullible to the information they get exposed to. They can be easily compelled to give out personal information which could be used to harm them. Kids are most times targeted by predators and cyber bullies which is why at She Leads Digital we encourage parents, guardians and teachers to educate kids on internet safety and to ensure that they are enabled to stay safe and secured from the dangers that lies on the internet.

So the first step to keeping your children safe is you have to be aware of the diverse types of internet dangers that exist with the digital world. For instance, your kid might encounter obscene and harmful contents on the internet like pornography, or obnoxious slangs and languages that could impact there mental health and way of thinking, but how you prepare and talk to them early on will influence how they will react to it, so it all depends on their education. 

Then there is Cyberbullying which happens in  different types of ways – either by mobile phone, text messages and email, online games, or through social media sites like FacebookYouTubeTumblrSnapchat and Instagram and unfortunately with access to all this tools it has given power to Individuals who derive joy in bullying and harassing kids online but also it gives kids, unfortunately, can take it a step further and turn offline bullying to online bullying other kids

Examples of different ways cyberbullying can be done:

  • By posting or sending messages that threaten or make some feel down
  • By Deliberately leaving others out of online games or social event
  • By spreading nasty or false rumors online about someone
  • By catfishing which means setting up a fake social media accounts and using someone else’s photos and information
  • trolling or stalking someone online
  • By posting embarrassing photos or videos of someone
  • harassing others on a online game platform.

 Most parents think that there kids aren’t capable of bullying and causing harm to others but sometimes children aren’t fully aware of how there action could be causing the other pain and sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry so jut take some time to have a casual conversation with your children, and on the other side the scares and impact of cyberbullying is unfortunately invisible but that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening or it shouldn’t be taken seriously by parents, guardians and teachers. We truly hope that your kids don’t come across these threats, but it’s important to get them ready by properly educating them on these threats and how to tackle them is key to keeping them safe from the dangers that lurk on the internet.

 Also, with the rise of the digital age we are becoming more and more addicted to the internet and digital tools out there. In dealing with this trending threat consumerism, we must educate our kids on the dangerous effect of internet addiction, and how it affects their body functions; their brain, eyes, etc. You can also tackle this threat by limiting your kids’ internet use, this will ensure that they don’t spend too much time in the internet. The lesser time they spend on the internet, the less prone they are to internet addiction and dangers but that doesn’t mean that you have to fully ban internet or digital devices, because  if they don’t get it at home you can be sure that they will get exposed outside so it’s better to work as a team.

Other options could be enrolling them to one of our  STEM Camp that happens every school holiday and Wednesday afternoon where we show kids how they can co create in the digital world and showing them other fun ways on using digital tools such as building robots, coding, creating video games etc.…

It is quite crucial for kids to be mindful that when connected to the internet because these dangers aren’t just restricted to terrible websites; computer games, chat rooms, and even social networking sites can be quite risky. If your kids own mobile phones, you’ll need to ensure that they are careful when texting or accessing the internet on their phones.

Keeping your kids safe online could be an insurmountable task. Even if you set limits on your home computers, just remember your children will still have access to other devices that might not have parental restrictions.

But the most effective way to keep your kids safe from these internet dangers is by educating them on how to make ideal decisions online even in your absence.


  • Talk to your children on the need to keep their personal or location information private
  • Have a schedule on your kids’ online activity
  • Be very open and honest with your children about the different online dangers they face when being on the internet
  • Encourage your kids to seek help from you or teachers if they are experiencing cyberbullying should they encounter this problem
  • But also talk to your children if you find out that they are actively participating in cyberbullying another and the dangers that come with what they are doing
  • And if you feel like you need help in talking to your children about online safety She Leads Digital to run a program that helps parents, guardians and teachers have the “Online Safety Talk” and we provide you with resources and tips to help you raise digital citizen

And hopefully, with these tips and advice, your children will be able to enjoy the best use of the internet and still stay safe.

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