When I was a kid, I had the biggest imagination. I used to be able to hang out with myself for hours, keeping myself completely occupied and never getting bored. My creative side was bold. I wrote screenplays, poetry and any story I could think of. I used to keep a scrapbook and journal my way through my ups and downs, listen to music I liked, I used to act and I loved to paint. Somewhere along the way, I lost all of that and in that process, I really lost myself. What made me lose the things I loved that made me so happy? Fear and Judgment. 

The ways I was different and unique made me fearful of feeling stupid or not being good enough. It made me stop writing, journaling, and painting, listening to music and just being me. What replaced it? Needing to care about what I wore, what I said and how I was perceived. In some circumstances, this in itself is something that people are passionate about. But it didn’t have to be me, and I wish I knew that earlier.

 It wasn’t until I was 26 when I realized I had lost so much of who I was in those teenage years. I slowly started to bring it all back and day after day I felt little pieces of me falling back into place. I bought some paints and started painting. I bought a blank book and started writing. I slowly took things I loved as a child and brought them back into my adult life. I also did whatever I could in my power to get rid of the feelings of being judged or feeling stupid for things that made me happy. I was getting my passion back, and it was making me feel the most at home that I had felt in a long time.

Finding your passion shouldn’t be something that’s considered taboo. It should be about finding little pieces of ourselves and putting them all back together. This does take time, but it also takes growth and learning from experiences to find what makes us truly happy. The great thing about finding our passion is that it can be attached to any part of our lives. It can be something we love to do as work, or it can be something we love to do as play. And we can find them at any point in our lives. Age is just a number, right?

How can you find your passion?
Start small and ask yourself some questions like: “What are some things that made you happy as a kid?”, “What makes you feel rejuvenated?” and maybe most importantly, “What are you afraid of and how can you shed yourself from that fear?”.

  • Ask your friends,family or colleagues for some inspirations.

There is no point in racking your brain alone trying to find what passions would suit you so the best thing is to get your friends,family or for ideas, find out how they discovered their passions. And you can also go on google for ideas and some inspiration .

  • Do as much research as possible on your passion .

It’s important to know as much as possible about your new foundpassion so do as much research, read several blogs topics on your passion that are available for free online. Another great way is to connect with other people who share your new found passion, either through social media channels or meetups organized in your area, and ask them for advice on what training and education did they need to get you started? What skills are necessary to master your passion? How did they get their start? What recommendations do they have for a beginner ?

  • Practice, and practice, and practice until you get it

The most important thing is to not to go into it with the willing to practice so that you can get better at it. If you want to make money with your new found passion you need to have professional skills and thanks to the internet we can learn pretty much any skill we want if we have the time and patience to practice for hours and hours.But If it’s something you truly feel passionate about, the process of  practicing should be something you will want to do.

  • But the most important thing never quit trying to find what makes you come alive.

We know that learning new things as an adult is hard but the most important thing to remember as you try to find your passion is to never give up on trying. Keep trying, and try again, until you finally get it. The thing about success is it doesn’t come without an offer, so by giving up early, you will never get to where you want to be. So again please keep trying, and know that you’ll get there because you can.

Our answers may not lie in the same places or times as others around us. Therefore, it is important to trust our own process and continue to put in the work to find what our passion is and how we can stick to it. For you, it could mean refinding things that made you happy and content when you were a child, or, finding new things within yourself that bring joy to your life. Our happiness should be at the top of our to-do list. Make sure it’s something you continue to work on, not just today, but for the rest of your life.

So how did you find your passion? please share your story and tips and trick  in the comments section –we would love to know?

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