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Becoming wacko stuck at home? Read me!

Lucie (yelling from the kitchen): Mummy, where are the chocolate cookies? Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy where are the chocolate cookiiiiiies? Mummyyyyyyyyyy!!! Mummy: Hold on a sec Paul. Lucie, I am working, I am online speaking with a colleague. So not now! Wait!  Lucie: But Mummyyy I am hungry, and I am bored. I want to see Janika and

Gaining Confidence

Isn’t confidence an interesting concept? We are told we either ‘have it’ or we don’t, but what if that’s not the case. What if we got rid of this whole idea that we have to born with it to have it. Self-confidence is something we all struggle with so it’s very important to understand that

The Ugly Truth About JUDGEMENT

There are tendencies in women to be more judgmental towards each other and unfortunately for all us, it can be about anything. What you do, what you want, what you eat, what you wear, where you go, what you like, the list goes on. Having this pressure affects us in every aspect of our personal

Women Supporting Women.

Have you ever felt envious or jealous of someone who is succeeding more than you? If you have, I don’t blame you. I grew up with the notion that I needed to win and be better than everyone else around me.

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