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Becoming wacko stuck at home? Read me!

Lucie (yelling from the kitchen): Mummy, where are the chocolate cookies? Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy where are the chocolate cookiiiiiies? Mummyyyyyyyyyy!!! Mummy: Hold on a sec Paul. Lucie, I am working, I am online speaking with a colleague. So not now! Wait!  Lucie: But Mummyyy I am hungry, and I am bored. I want to see Janika and

Google has opened its first Africa Artificial Intelligence lab in Ghana

Source (CNN) By Aanu Adeoye Google now wants to position itself as an “AI first” company and with research centers across the globe in places such as Tokyo, Zurich, New York, and Paris. And last week, the technology company opened its first center in Africa in Ghana’s capital city, Accra. Benefits of AI AI can

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