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Kenyan Invents Smart Gloves that Turn Sign Language Gestures into Audio Speech

Source Wearable-Technologies and written by Cathy Russey Over 30 million speech impaired people around the globe relies on sign language as a means of communication. But sign language isn’t understood by most of the people on the planet, which creates a communication barrier for the people with speech impairment. Read more This AI-Powered Smart Glove Can


Over the last few years, the African tech scene emerged and certainly on the right path to fulfilling its mission of merging the gap with developed economies of high technological company, with the aid of technology as a catalyst for the growth of Africa.  Africa at a time was in the dark with little in

Africa needs more young women in Tech

As women, we’re no strangers to the stereotypes that surround our often more detailed approach to getting tasks done. Too pedantic. Too fussy. We’ve heard them all.

But the truth is there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get things right. In fact, across industries companies are starting to wake up to the unique value which women bring to the workplace.

All-female developer team

Source and written by CNN Only the brightest women need to apply here. A highly-competitive training program in Kenya is seeking the smartest female developers. Andela Kenya has opened applications for an all-female contingent in the country’s capital Nairobi. The company’s focus on attracting top female talent has been no secret. “It has been a personal and a

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