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 Since the past decade, there has been a huge margin of technological growth in Africa. This is quite evident in its ever-developing technology scene, start-up formations, tech hubs, etc. There exist several drivers of this growth. Of course, men have a huge part in this impressive growth which puts Africa as one of the fastest

5 Digital Jobs, You Can Start On Your Free Time

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or working a full-time job, having an option to earn extra cash directly from your computer is a perfect solution, and thanks to the digital inventions we can use and offer our skills outside the office and turn it into a digital side hustle that can either build


Over the last few years, the African tech scene emerged and certainly on the right path to fulfilling its mission of merging the gap with developed economies of high technological company, with the aid of technology as a catalyst for the growth of Africa.  Africa at a time was in the dark with little in

The Best Tools To Create Images For Your Articles

An important part of either running a blog or your website is you need to be able to create graphic visual for either your articles or social media posts, and we all know that our users are more likely to be attracted to a post that has beautiful images, beautiful fonts, and colors. But if

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Having The Online Safety Talk With Your Children

The rise of the internet and smartphone age was cheered by all, and with a single click you could have access to information, you could easily talk to a remote friends or family member via WhatsApp or Messenger, make online transactions, and am sure you would agree that being connected has made life so much easier in so many other ways.

Frontend DeveloperS

Source cleverism Required Qualifications of the Frontend Developer Education: The Frontend Developer has to have a bachelor’ degree in Computer Science or any other relevant field. An equivalent of the same in practical experience is also acceptable for this position. Experience: A candidate for this position has to have had at least 3 years of working experience

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