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It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or working a full-time job, having an option to earn extra cash directly from your computer is a perfect solution, and thanks to the digital inventions we can use and offer our skills outside the office and turn it into a digital side hustle that can either build and turned into an actual full-time job or it just can be another way to earn some quick cash and help with the end of the month

So created a list of the 5 Digital Side Hustle you can start today and all you need is a remote setup of Wi-Fi and a computer to get you started.

1. Online Language Tutor

If you master a language or two and maybe an online language tutor could be for you and all you really need to get started is a computer and an internet connection. And the great thing is that there are great platforms that exist with a huge user base of people looking for a language tutor to teach them a new skill such as wyzant, Fiver, upwork,verbling and so much more.

2. Content Creator or proofreader

startups and entrepreneurs sometimes are too busy running their company or producing their content and don’t have time to produce several content and reports which basically asserts them as experts and engage their clients and communities

If you are good at research and creative writing, then you can definitely make an awesome content creator and it’s not limited to just that if you don’t want to create content from scratch and super detail oriented type of person then maybe proofreading would be the best choice for you just know this there are many bloggers, startups, entrepreneurs and agencies that are looking for content creators and proofreaders and trust us depending on how good you are they can pay you a good sum of money for your skills.

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are becoming more and more in demand by startups, entrepreneurs or companies that are either looking for someone that can provide administrative or technical support without the stress and costs that comes with hiring someone. So If you are an organized and efficient type of worker with basic computer software skills like Office 356, Google Drive or One Drive, this would be definitely the side hustle for you.

4. Community Manager

Many entrepreneurs, startup, and companies are willing to pay to avoid spending too much time maintaining their community on social media because, despite the importance of maintaining it, it sometimes feels like a complete waste of creating the content, scheduling to publishing and actively engaging with your community definitely become overwelling but if you love being and using social media and interacting with online community you can definitely turn your skills into a flexible digital side hustle, by managing either one or multiple businesses accounts.

5. Blogger

If you feel like you have something to share with the world? Then a blog is maybe what you need, once you set up your online blog, you can write and publish it instantly. Just remember this you won’t make money right away but, if you post and deliver content worth reading “No Pressure 😉 “.

The great thing is you can easily build your blog on the side with just putting in a few hours of work a week or more depending how much time you have, just remember once your blog is launched, you will need to build a rhythm and stay consistent to it.

The great things about his 6 examples of digital side hustles is not only can you work on different interesting content from multiples clients but you can also do it from your laptop in any corner of the world the only thing you need is access to a trustworthy internet connection, and you get too set your own rates and bill by the hour or project. If you are interested in these types of opportunities, you can checkout Fiver or upwork for example.

If you are looking for support on how to pick, set up and launch, your digital side hustle don’t hesitate to reach out to us either at info@sheleadsdigital.or or our social media channels

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